BJJ GI Care Guide

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One of the questions we get asked the most is “how should I care for my BJJ GI?” Below we will show you how to best care for your GI.



ALWAYS wash your GI after every training session!

You should always wash your GI on a cold wash if your washing machine has a cold setting or if it hasn’t then a 30 degree wash would be best. Washing it on a 40 degree wash will be ok but can sometimes help the GI to shrink a little.

You should always wash your GI inside out. This helps prolong the life of all of the patches and also helps to keep the GIs colour from fading.

You should always wash your Jiu Jitsu GI with an organic non bio detergent.


No matter what anyone else tells you, you should NEVER put your GI in to a tumble dryer. Doing so can dramatically shrink your GI, stress all of the joints and stitching, warp the shape of the GI and melt patches.

You should hang dry your GI. Drying it this way lets the GI dry naturally and it will keep its size and shape.


Although most BJJ GIs come pre-shrunk you will still get some shrinkage (some more than others) out of your GI. If you want to get minimal shrinkage then wash on a cold/30 degree wash and hang dry. This will result in the smallest amount of shrinkage for your GI. If you want to shrink your GI down a bit then washing on 2-3 40 degree washes will bring its shrinkage down a bit more than normal. Do not wash on a hot wash or tumble dry as it will either warp the GI or the lapel or both.

If your still unsure about washing or caring for your GI don’t hesitate to contact us we would be happy to help. You can contact us via email at or by calling us on 01268 442 039.