BJJ GI Weaves Explained

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When looking around for your next BJJ GI you will see many different weaves used. The weave that is used refers to the GI jacket and not the trousers. The most common weaves used are Single weave, Gold weave, Pearl weave and Double weave (not used that much anymore). Some companies have their own special weaves that they use for their GIs like the Vulkan honeycomb weave.

Below we will outline all of the main weaves used for BJJ GIs.

Single weave

The Single weave is a light weight weave that is used on some value GIs or lightweight competition GIs due to its lightness. Single weave cotton has a relatively loose weave making it very soft and supple and GIs made of Single weave are normally very comfortable to wear. Due to the looseness of Single weave cotton you will normally get some shrinkage when washing so they are ideal for shrinking to fit. Normally a couple of 40 degree washes will bring the size down on a Single weave GI if it’s a little big in size for you. Single weave GIs can vary in quality and in price and they can range from £50 to £150.

Gold weave

Gold weave GIs have the lightness of a single weave and durability of a double weave. Gold weave GIs have a medium looseness of weave and this makes them very comfortable and supple. Because of the looseness they are also ideal for shrinking to fit.

Pearl weave

The pearl weave is the best weave available in my opinion. It has the lightness of a single weave and the durability of a double weave. Pearl weave comes in various weights of cotton so you can get ultralight pearl weaves like the weave used on the Vulkan Prolight or heavier pearl weaves like the weave used on the Gameness Pearl. Pearl weaves have minimal shrinkage due to the tightness of the weave so will fit well straight out of the bag.

Double weave

Double weave BJJ GI used to be one of the best weaves available due to their durability and the fact that because of the thickness of the weave they was hard for an opponent to get a grip of. The downside was that they weighed a TON! Who wants to train in a GI that weighs a ton? Not me that’s for sure. Nowadays there are a lot better options of weave when choosing your next GI like the pearl weave, gold weave and even most single weaves are now better than a double weave GI. But if you like your GIs like a suit of armour then the Double weave could still be the right weave for you.

Companies own weave

Along with all of the above weaves certain companies have developed their own blend of weaves like Vulkans honeycomb weave. Although different they are normally a variation on one of the above weaves.